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To All my loyal Visitors, An Easter Greeting Card
easter eggs and chicks; hatching **Kids Poem, HAPPY EASTER


Note: This poem was not meant to teach or convert any kid to Christianity. But as we have become a Global
Village, it is a good idea for all the kids to learn about other peoples' beliefs.
Now-a-days multi colored Eggs can be found at the stores. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange. They are all Happy colors.
This is a poem that will be added to the collection. I wrote it, because a lot of visitors who come to my site are
searching for preschool kids POEMS. To buy the preschool books, find the link on the 'gallery' below, for the details.
If you liked the reading, tell all your friends who have kids and wish their kids to learn about poetry, to visit this
page and how to access it, by sending them the form below. Thank you.

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