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Greetings from Ellie Kondy the artist featured here Ellie brings you her Original Oil Paintings Collections. Four regular size Clowns face
pictures, Ten of 25 Miniature Graphics, Seven of 20 Misc. Thumbnails, a Poetry Book
of 41 Life-Love Poems,Kids poem,Two Picture Coloring Books(Alphabet and Count
One-to-Ten). She also suggest ways to license and use the Graphics Collection and
shows you examples and real sample products that you can use them on. Ellie now
makes available copies of the 10 geometric miniatures for lease, click, for details.
Also offers to the loyal visitors Web Sites that have Free-Paid Web Products-
Services. Welcome audioAudio transcript  D

* To view Ellie's Artworks found in the Gallery; Original Oil Paintings Collections, Poetry book and read some of the poems, see the Alphabet and count
One-to-Ten Picture Coloring Books, click 'Gallery', below. Once there click on the particular item on the columns to bring it forward, click back to repeat
the process for the other artwork. To visit each product's page, see the list below. Keep in mind that Paintings and Books are great investments;regardless
of the economy, they are also great gifts.


Works by Ellie Kondy
*Gallery Exhibit hall of Ellie's Artwork
*Paintings Three Oil Paintings Collections
The Graphics for Licensing
*Poetry for Young and old, ages over 15
*Child Learning Pic Illustrated Coloring Books.
*All Free web products
*Free-Paid Educational products for young,old,women,kids.
*Sitemap of this environment.

1.Dear visitor I have decided to Auction off some of my old stamp collections that, I have bought several decades ago. On this space I will be
listing the links to the auction services that my collections will be auctions off. All you have to do is, visit the links, look under the classification
"stamp collections", find my item and bid for it.
LINKS of Auction Services to visit to find my items for sale:(a)......;(b).......;(c)........;(d).......
Along with the stamps I have some baseball cards, some paintings by other artists and other Misc. items.

1.In addition, I am selling my collections:Geometrics, Clowns and Mini. How to buy and pay is listed on their respective pages,
also my Poetry Book and the Children's Coloring Books. Follow the same steps to buy all my artworks, instructions are on their
respective pages. You have to take some steps before you finally go to the BUY page, where the PayPal buttons are. When clicked
each one will take you to the proper payment site. Do not forget your local Sales Tax(in NY=8.625%). Holidays are coming soon and
all the items make excellent gifts for Young and Old. Make someone you love very happy:For the very young, give them the
coloring books. For the young adults, give them the Poetry book. For the Art lovers in your life, give them the (Geometric copies)*,
and if you can afford, to your rich and sophisticated loving friends, give them one of the complete collection:the Geometrics
or the Miniatures or the beautiful Clowns.
2. I will also be selling here, (copies of my geometric)* paintings,click they will be mailed to you framed,but you must pay taxes were applicable,
Free Shipping and Handling. Each geometric's price is listed on the geometric page, pick the design you want and email me its number. Now go here
first: Click, follow the instructions, then click to pay. When your payment has cleared, I will be notified by PayPal to mail you the ordered item(s).
Here I am giving you the opportunity to own as many signed by me, copies of my geometric collection, because I felt that it was not possible for anyone
of you to spend millions of dollars for the whole collection, but at least, you can have one or several pieces at reasonable prices each, to place on your desk.
Overseas orders, include all applicable charges with your payment,(VA tax,etc.). Free Shipping.
How to Pay Using PayPal, Click.
Visitor's Info:
If your Site's Theme is about Art, Poetry, all about Children and want to exchange links with me; Check my Reciprocal Link's page on the sitemap; below. email me your link and your reciprocal link's address, where my link will appear; I will visit the page and if "OK",I will list your link on my page,even I will create a heading, if no one exists. Plus I will email you my link of this page.
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Past Special Links
*1-Father's Day; Kids Poem
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*Starting School
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*Turkey Recipe *Valentine Day Greeting Card
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this page or anything else in my environment, you want improved
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*Oil-Gas, Message: If you live in the New York area and want to find the closest to your house,'Heating Oil/Gas Station' with the lowest prices, go to my
free products web page "indexe1.htm", where you will find the links to search for your area Gas station.

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