FATHER'S DAY;(June 18, 2011)

		If you ask me; why I added the date, to the 
		title of this poem?
		I did that, because this year; thousands of 
		Fathers are overseas, some are fighting 
		a war and others have died for Democracy; 
		for Freedom and for Peace of mankind.

		So, this year, I am going to talk about 
		my own recollections of my Father growing 
		up, also your Fathers, who are here with 
		you and the ones overseas and the ones who
		have given their lives and are not with us, 
		here on this earth, anymore.

		My Father was a loving, protective and 
		caring person, always with a smile on his 
		face. I do not remember seeing him upset 
		on anything, a very talkative and open 
		minded person. With all of our relatives 
		and us kids coming in and out of our home; 
		He had no time to be sad.

		He was strong and reliable like those old 
		trees, you find in the old squares 
		throughout Europe.
		These trees grow strong year after year and 
		you expect to see them on the same spot, 
		when you visit the square.
		You relied on their presence; being there,
		to give you the shade and coolness; so, 
		you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon, 
		seating under them.

		I relied on my Father for his love and
		protection and his eagerness to fulfill
		my wishes and expected him to come home 
		day in and day out; after work.
		But, it did not happen, like that.
		One day he suddenly died. His heart failed 
		him and he was not there for me anymore.

		Like those trees in the old square, one day;
		progress removes them, so they get replaced 
		by something modern.  
		My life did not stop, when my Father died. 
		I went on growing up and did what people do 
		to survive. Sure I missed him a lot. 
		I missed his love and everything else that 
		came with it. I have never forgotten the way, 
		he would throw back his head, bursting into 
		laughter; that was my Father.

		But, other life events were forced upon me, 
		that eventually only a fond memory of him 
		remained with me, in my heart.
		All fathers are given kids, to care, love 
		and protect; by God. Like some one gives you 
		a gift on your birthday; to love and care for.
		Some fathers are happy to receive these gifts 
		and some are not, but eventually, they see the 
		treasure God gave them and they slowly learn 
		to love, their gifts from God.

		Remember; the pleasures you give to your Father, 
		will reflect back to you.
		Because, your Father learns to love you for the 
		things you do; the ways you behave and act 
		around him; all of which remind Him of 
		himself. He sees in you a true reflection of 
		And in a couple of years, you will become the 
		Father to you own children.

		You must treasure every minute you spend with 
		him, around you. Hovering over your head; 
		teaching you, loving you, being a full time 
		coach to your life. From day one, when you 
		opened your eyes, He, with great expectation 
		watched you, for every sound that came out 
		of your mouth, until one day, after endless
		coaching, you uttered the words "Dada, Dada". 
		What a celebration, the whole world of friends 
		and relatives learned of the exciting event.

		The years go by and Fathers grow up with their 
		kids, experiencing what good and bad life 
		throws at them.
		No matter how old your Father is, remember, you 
		only have one. He can not be replaced by others 
		nor can He be imitated, no matter the good nature 
		of the imitators, there is only one Fatherly love.

		There are lots of things you can do to show him, 
		how much you understand his role and how much 
		he has loved you and cared and watched over you,
		over the years. 
		The market is full of material things, but a big 
		hug and a thank you Dad, you have been a great pal
		to me; is worth much more that anything else.

		For the kids, whose Father is overseas, a great 
		video message with a few well chosen words will 
		make any Father proud and happy for having such 
		a great kid(s) waiting for him, back home.
		For the kids, whose Father was overseas, whose 
		father dutifully gave his life for his country; 
		I would say, there are no words in this world 
		that will console your grief other than, you 
		must walk with your head up hight, proud you 
		were His kid.

		You are an orphan now, on account your Father 
		died a Hero. 
		Be proud. Your Father is an Angel in Haven and 
		died because he loved freedom and died for it.
		Treasure his belongings that will remind you of 
		him, his ideals, his philosophies and his love 
		for his country, family and especially for you.

		Happy Father's Day to all, no matter where he is,
		home, overseas or dead. He is always in your hearts.

Note:The year June 18, 2011, Father's Day will be remember by all the kids, especially, those kids whose Father is not
with them to celebrate this joyful day. Memories of past happy days should substitute for the absence of loved ones,
and hope for a better tomorrow, should replace emptiness of today.

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