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Graphics:Ten of 25 Mini Graphics Oil Paintings, Collection.

These graphics go by number., from left to right:geo1; geo3; geo5; geo8; geo11; geo12; geo15; geo17; geo18; geo20. When ordering, you must include the number of your chosen graphic.
geo1geo1,mini circle graphic geo3geo3 ini circle graphic geo5geo5 mini circle graphic
geo8geo8 mini circle graphic geo11geo11 mini circle graphic geo12geo12 mini circle graphic
geo15geo15 mini circle graphic geo17geo17 mini circle graphic geo18geo18 mini graphic painting
geo20geo20 mini circle graphic

This group of ten miniature graphic oil paintings, is part of the twenty five pieces collection. Observe the
spectacular colors and designs, the rest of the collection is just, as beautiful. They are perfect for yourself, as
an investment or a gift to a loved one or to a museum, they will remember you for ever. Also they can be used
commercially, see detail list at:geo collection,the size of each painting itself is (4"x4").
The twenty five piece collection is priced at $1.5 mill USD, plus Tax(NY=8.625%) where applicable, Free Shipping
and Handling. Before you proceed with the purchase of this artwork or the individual copies shown here, you
must read, the ArtworkTransfer Agreement, which is part of the transfer of ownership.
*Here you are offered an opportunity to own any of the ten copies show here(if you don't have $1.5 mill USD),so
read the sales agreement and If you do not object, Highlight it, then on the menu under view, press copy, then
create a new page on your 'word' program and paste it there, then print three(3) copies, that you sign and mail to
me with your order. I will sign and attach one copy to the painting(s), mail you the second copy for your records
to be kept in a safe place. This agreement should go, where the painting goes, and must be honored by all its
subsequent owners.
A few more words about the description of the above paintings; for the people unable to see the pieces in their
full splendor:These images are mini geometric circles in design, of various configurations. What makes them, so
beautiful is the particular design in each circle and the combination of colors used to paint it. The colors were
created out of several oil based paints of famous manufacturers. The prime colors were mixed right out of the
tubes to create new colors, no other media was used. The overall size of each is(4"x4"), that makes it intriguing
and very complicated to apply the paint in their very tiny sections that, required sometime, a brush with one
string of hair on it. It was very laborious, but all the work I put in was worth the end result. Of course,
thinking back, I will not now, undertake another big and complicated task, like this.

the price for each copy is $425.00, plus Sales Tax(NY=8.625%) where applicable, Free Shipping and
Handling, you get it Framed and you pay me, using PayPal, see below.
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