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Ellie offers Free-Paid Products and Services to Business and Individuals, also a Thesaurus page
to search and learn.

Ellie has compiled these products for Business and Individual,who visit her pages to help them enhance their web pages and enrich their knowledge
about today's hot topics. they are:Cheap Gas, Search Eng Ranking, Ad Word Wrapper, HTML Cloaking Detector, FTP Software, Greeting Birthday
e-Cards, Misc Sites, Banner Link Exchange, Submit URL, Web Page Template with Instructions, Web Services. A Thesaurus page of several today's
hot topics. Find them all below; there might be products you need, try them all; most of them are free.

The following pages contain sites that offer free, what others charge a lot of money
Misc Sites"index~42.htm"
Banner-Link Exchange"index~87.htm"
Search Eng"index~89.htm"; Read this before "search_eng_bl.htm" you submit URL
Submit URL"index~88.htm"
Web Page Template"webpg.txt"see below(**) Template Instructions"webpginst.txt"
Web Products,Services"index~86.htm"

Thesaurus Page links
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Law Info
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Misc Searches
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Property Rights
Saving Account-to-College
Any taxes Info
Women And Kids
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(**)web page template instructions
If you do not have a web page, above is a simple template that can insert your data where appropriate, and it is Free. Click the instructions first, then
template to get the information. To bring the information on your word page from my page highlight what is on the text page, press "ctrl+c", then
bring your word page up, from the menu choose new and when the blank page appear click "ctrl+v". Do the same for the template,(view/source/page)
(word/new page), etc., and you are done. Save both pages with a name you like.
Just click the following link:Time Zone Converter If you need your local time zone, travel zone, world time, the zone by country or the reference card, that will give you the time in multiple time zones.
Translator, this page will translate text of almost 25 languages.
See your web page with "WebmasterEyes.com"
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