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KIDS Learning the A-B-C and Count ONE-to-TEN, Picture Coloring Books

Greetings from Ellie Kondy the artist featured here Ellie brings you two beautifully Illustrated Kids Learning Books, for children over the age of
four. Buy them for your own children or to give them as gifts to your young friends, and you
will get the "learn the alphabet" poem free. They are educational and marvelous to read.
Samples of the illustrated pages, you will find in their respective links below. You can also
view her other artworks of fine art, when you visit the gallery. She also offers to her loyal
visitors interesting web sites of free-paid products to enhance their web sites, found in the
sitemap, Welcome audioAudio transcript, D

See the table below. To view the "Exhibit Hall" of ellie"s artworks, click Gallery. Once there click on the particular item on the columns to bring it forward,
to see it in its regular size,click back to repeat the process for the other artworks. To visit each product's page separately, see the list below. Keep in mind that
books are a great investment, regardless of the economy, also best gifts for your little friends.

*Gallery Exhibit hall of Ellie's Artwork
*Alphabet Book pic illustrated letters.
*One to Ten Book pic illustrated numbers.

Visitor's Info:
*Dear Prospective Customers:Art Collectors, Poetry Lovers, Fathers and Mothers of Pre-School Kids, Business and Individuals. I have Good News. Now you have a quick and a safe way to pay for my products with paypal. Just click "waystPay.htm" on each product's page, to get the details.
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