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Meat Recipe Tip

For this recipe, you need the following:
a)Roasting Pan
b)Wire Rack(stainless steel)
c)Aluminum Foil, and of course your meat.	
This Tip is for all the Cooks who love cooking their meat in the oven, be it; Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Ham, Lamb, Veal, etc.
You needs this tip to avoid the following: any meat that you place in a roasting pan without a wire rack, while roasting,
it is dripping its blood in the pan, making the underneath part of the meat mushy and unpleasant in taste, that some
times you must cut this part and throw it away; thus you are wasting your food. I have a wire rack that, I kept when
I threw away my toaster oven; when it broke, it is made of stainless steel, easy to clean. If you do not have one, either
buy or ask around in your family or someone might have one to give you. Place the wire rack in the pan, fill the bottom
with water up to the hight of the rack, then place your meat on top. You must maintain the hight of the water in the pan
until the meat is done. It will keep the bottom of the meat clean and the water will keep the meat moist and tender.
Completely cover the pan with the aluminum foil, create a hole for checking the condition of the meat and for the need
to put more water in the pan, when you see that some has evaporated. When the meat is done, remove the foil and let it
stay in the oven for another 15 minutes to brown on all sites, even the bottom. Remove the meat on your serving platter,
let it rest before cutting, then drain the water(drippings) from the pan through a strainer to get a stock that can be
used for gravy or other uses(when I cook smoked ham, I throw away the juices, because they are very salty). this way you
will never burn your meat. Happy eating, ellie. If you missed the meaty dinners, find them on the main page, see the sitemap below.

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