Father's day is June 19, and all
			the kids out there must be happy,
			they have one person, who loves
			them unconditionally.

			My Father, whom I have the 
			fondest memories, because
			he gave me love without asking
			for anything, I want to tell 
			you about.

			When, I want to remember the
			things He did for me, all 
			I have to do, is bring back
			into my mind pictures of him,
			of happyness and full of fun.

			The times he would get up 
			early in the morning to make
			me, my favorite breakfast;
			so, I did not leave home for
			school without it.

			The times, I would forget, to
			be home on time for lunch, and 
			my mother would reprimand me and
			him taking my side.

			The times He would carry me on 
			his shoulders coming back home
			from some event, because I 
			would be too tired to walk;			
			Those days not all people 
			had cars.

			And specially the last time. 
			When, we went downtown to buy me 
			shoes and at the bus stop, he must
			have forgotten something, told me 
			to wait for him, and when he did 
			not come to what seem to me hours, 
			I decided to come home walking.

			Surely, I was little and did not
			know the way, but I followed the
			landmarks I had learned traveling
			with the bus, and by following 
			them, I reached home, after a 
			couple of hours of walking.

			My mother was frantic, but He
			lovingly, started laughing and
			proudly gave me a hug, instead
			of a spanking for not waiting
			for him. That is my best memory
			of Him, that I kept in my memory
			bank and retrieve it, when I want 
			to remember Him.

			That was MY FATHER, full of life
			and love. 
			I hope you put away in your
			memory bank the fondest memories
			you have about your own father.			

Note:June 19, we celebrate father's day, make it a special day for your father, you only have one. To buy the
preschool books, CLICK on the Alpha and One-to-Ten links in the main page for the details. If you liked the reading,
tell all your friends who have kids and wish their kids to learn about poetry, to visit this page and how to access
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