It has being several weeks now, that
			School officially has opened its
			These weeks were very important
			to me, because I met all my good
			friends from the previous year
			and got acquainted with the new
			arrivals in my class.

			Of course, not all the new 
			arrivals became instant favorites
			of mine. 
			But, as time went on, magically 
			I got to know and sorted out the 
			kids most likely I wanted to spent 
			time with and make them my friends.

			These kids get to be your playmates,
			your home-study buddies, and the
			ones you will be exchanging
			ideas with. It is the one of
			the unexplainable attractions
			that will bring you close to 
			some, and away from others.

			The known attributes for these
			attractions that are happening
			are: personality, good looks,
			openness, yet another and most
			important of all having common
			interests. These are some and
			not to overlook smartness that
			bring kids close to each other.

			Have you found your buddy yet 
			or you are still on the lookout?
			Do not miss the opportunity of
			these first weeks of the school
			year to find yours; who sometime, 
			will turn out to be your lasting 
			friend, for as long as you live.

			The early years of your life
			are the years to create lasting
			friendships, because there are
			no other interests to interfere
			in the development of this
			treasure called "friendship".

			Be on the lookout and when you
			meed this kid, you will know
			he/she is the one, you will
			like to spend hours together,
			studying, going places, exchanging
			ideas, at least for the school
Note:Take this advice. Make a copy of this poem and read it once in a while and when you find that friend just send me an email. Type the words:
"Ellie, I found one". I want to tell myself. Now, here is one more lucky kid. When you grow up, you will know what I meant. Good luck.
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