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My Thanks-given Dinner(cook it today or any weekend thereafter)

You need the following:
One Turkey(this year I bought a small hen turkey).
Cords or pins to secure the openings(neck, stomach) and tie the turkey.
Aluminum foil enough to cover the turkey,
An oven pan large enough to hold the Turkey, 
A wire rack to place into the pan to keep the turkey from touching the water. Salt and Pepper.
For the stuffing, you need: 1 cup of rice(I like caroline) 1 large onion(finely chopped) 1/2 cup oil(good). 1 cup raisins(I like the blonde) 1 cup apricots or prunes or dates chopped, whatever you have. 10 chestnuts fresh(you boil and cook till tender, then clean the skins off and cut in half). The turkey liver, cleaned and cut in small pieces(if you like liver). Salt and Pepper.
Getting the turkey ready: Remove the ends of the wings, then remove any black staff that looks like liver bits that are hidden deep in the
backbone in the stomach cavity. Wash well both the stomach and the neck part.
If you like to stuff the neck; with your hands make a pocket under the skin from both sides of the chest.
When you are pleased that the turkey is cleaned after washing, put aside. Getting the stuffing ready.
Place the onion bits and the oil in a frying pan and glaze the onion bits until they shine, then place the liver,
fold a couple of times, then place the raisins, the chestnuts and the dried fruit, fold a couple of times until they
are all incorporated well into the mixture. Do the same with the rice(make sure you checked it for stones).
When, all that is well mixed, still on the stove, put one cup or more water into the mixture, lower the heat and let
it simmer for a couple of minutes until the water is gone and the mixture is soft, but not dry.
Filling the turkey with the stuffing: First you fill the stomach cavity well, do not press, allow room for the rice to swell. Bring the skin ends together and
tie or if you have large pins, like me, pin the skin together without leaving any openings for the juices to run out.
Once that is done, you stuff the neck pockets with the remaining of the stuffing. Secure that opening the same way.
Take a piece of rope and tie the front and back legs tight, so they do not pop up and expand while they are being roasted.
Salt and pepper the skin of the turkey. Cover the pan with water up to the wire-rack and then place the turkey on the
rack, the turkey should not be touching the water. Cover the turkey with aluminum paper well, do not leave any
openings for the steam to escape,(the steam will keep the meat soft). Cut a hole on the aluminum paper, so you can add
water, as it is needed, especially with large turkeys that take longer to cook. Also use that hole to check for the meat,
if it is done, I cut a "V" shape hole, leaving the top attached to the aluminum, that V flaps up and down, when up you
can put the extra water, then you flip it down it closes. Place the turkey in the oven. It takes 1.1/2 to 2 hours for small turkeys and 2 to 3 hours for the large turkeys, at 350
degrees. When you know the meat is done, pull the aluminum foil off the turkey and let it stay in the oven 15
minutes(for the small birds and 20 minutes for the large ones, maybe less) for the skin to brown. Remove from the oven
when done, place the turkey on a platter and bring it to the table.
There you have it, your meat is ready to curve and serve with the stuffing.
Of course, you did remove the pins or whatever you used to close the openings
I also make Yams:
I do not have the time to always run to the store for fresh vegetables, even for a special holiday dinner. So, I stack
up with lots of cans in my pantry with the vegetables, I like to cook. This year I have two large cans of Bruce's Yams,
that I will use one.
This recipe calls for the following:
1 can of Yams (any brand will do), 2lbs and 8oz. 1 small cup of brown sugar. 1/2 stick of butter thinly cut. Drain and remove the Yams from the can. Place the yam pieces on a microwave dish good enough to bring to the table.
Sprinkle the brown sugar on top of the Yams and place the butter slices on top of that. Place the dish in the microwave
cover with wax paper, cook for 15 minutes on high. Bring that to the table along with your favorite salad.
These two recipes are my Thanks-given dinner. Have it happy, Ellie.
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