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Greetings from Ellie Kondy the artist poet featured here Ellie brings you this greeting card list of Gifts for Valentine Day. It is not a big
suggestion list, but if you do not have one of your own, it could help you. Look at the
sitemap below for the other art works by Ellie Kondy, she also suggest ways to license
the graphics collection and shows examples of products that they can be used on. Also
brings you sites that offer Free Web Products and Services.

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Valentine's Day suggestion list of Gifts; pictures were taken from the graphics collection
Valentines Day Card by ellie
a splash of Perfume,bottleGive your lady this Perfume Splash. She will be like a Breeze at Sunrise in the Meadows, where the flowers open their fragrant petals to breath
Desk Sunrsy CatcherGive Him this colorful Crystal Sunray Catcher, to brighten his day.
**A love poem for young adults. Grab love now, that you are young. Otherwise, as you grow older, the demands of life will obscure your vision, and you will not notice love, as it passes you by.
** A Special Kids Valentine poem, for Mom, it will be added to the kids poems.

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